A painting by Tim Gorichanaz


I've been making art forever. Some of my earliest pieces met their untimely end when my parents worked hard and spent money to get them off their walls. Nowadays, I'm trying to convince people to pay money to get them on their walls... Oh how things change.

My art is characterized by its bright colors, bold lines and often whimsical themes.

I sell all my original, hand-painted artwork on Etsy. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you can also contact me to purchase artwork in person.

I sell prints of my artwork on RedBubble. You can order greeting cards, prints and posters.

Some of my favorite artists, in no particular order: Jan Vermeer, Paul Cezanne, James Whistler, Keith Haring and Edward Hopper. Some of my favorite artists who are alive and working today are Josh Keyes and Nate Frizzell.