…and I love it.

Bird Drawing Sketch



Here’s another sketch.

Wells Fargo


I’m working on a new painting of a bird carrying away one of my favorite Milwaukee buildings. This is something of a departure from the other strange animals-and-Milwaukee-buildings paintings I did a while back, but it’s similar.

Check out the sketches below to get an idea (it won’t be done for a while).

Bird Wells Fargo Milwaukee


I’ve finished Plates One and Two for my story Sun & Moon. They’re part of my recent efforts to combine visuals and words in illustration… I think they can stand on their own as interesting pieces, but they also complement the story nicely.

What do you think?

Sun & Moon, Plate One



Back in Spring 2010, when I was in Poland, I got the chance to get back to making a lot of art. I did a whole collection of inked watercolors, many of which I have sold and am selling on my Etsy store.

Around this time, I was listening to Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings mixtape all day, every day, and I wanted to do an illustration for it. So I took my favorite line from the song “Wasted

Still icin’ out crosses—keep it Christian

and did a picture of Lil Wayne holding an iced-out cross like a gun. I was never really happy with it, and it stayed in my slush pile for the past year and a half. But recently, when I came to the epiphany of combining words and visuals, I realized what it was missing. So now I present to you, the completed piece.



Had this one sitting for a few days and decided to work on it a little more today… I’m liking it much better.



Here’s the first of maybe more illustrations of my story Inventions. This is the first piece in my attempts to combine writing with art. 



Finally finished getting situated in my new apartment, and I found some time to paint. I started this painting several months ago (as a belated Christmas present for my mother), and it’s finally finished!

Reminds me of being back on the beach in Ipanema…