I started running during college, but I never went more than a mile at a time until I turned 21. I ran my first 5K race in November 2010, and I was immediately addicted. (Perhaps because running doesn't require hand-eye coordination.)

I ran my first marathon in October 2011, and I've since made friends with the 26.2-mile distance, graduating to ultramarathons in 2014. Now I'm on a mission to run a marathon or ultra in every U.S. state. I blog about my journey at Nike Told Me To.

Personal records:

  • 100 Mile: 22:22, The Pistol Ultra Run, 2016
  • 100K: 11:20, Dawn 2 Dusk 2 Dawn 12 Hour, 2016
  • 50 Mile: 8:48, JFK 50 Mile, 2014
  • Marathon: 3:19, Philadelphia Marathon, 2015
  • 5K: 19:48, Roots & Wings Run, 2014


Running philosophy

I believe that less is more when it comes to running equipment. Moving to minimalist footwear has improved my performance and resilience. Now I run in Luna Sandals (except when it's bitterly cold, icy and snowy), and I wouldn't have it any other way. If you'd like to learn more about natural running, I'd recommend reading Born to Run by Chris McDougall and ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer.

I also do a little running coaching, so if you like what you see here and are interested in more, check out my coaching page.


Running-related research

Running offers a lot of time for thinking. Sometimes I learn things on my runs. For instance, check out the Ignite Talk I gave on a lesson I learned during my first 50-mile race in the video below.

I'm working on a book, slowly and lazily (kind of like an ultra), on the philosophical side of running. You can read an essay I wrote, which will eventually be the introductory chapter, entitled Running and Worldmaking, published on Sinkhole. I also wrote an academic philosophy article on the experiential motivations of runners of various distances in terms of beauty and the sublime.

I also conduct information-related research on running. I have written on the information experience of ultrarunning as well as on how ultrarunners build understanding through engaging with information (of all sorts). I have other work in progress, too, so stay tuned.