Tim Gorichanaz

I Wonder.

Hi there. My name's Tim. I'm intensely curious, in both senses of the word: I have a lot of questions, and they say I'm a little on the weird side. In my various pursuits, I aim to inspire people (myself included) to wake up to every moment.

I'm a PhD student. I also write novels and run ultramarathons. Sometimes I do other things, like paint and travel.

Check out some of my most recent activities below. If you'd like to get in touch, don't hesitate to do so.


I recently turned 26. Simultaneously I feel, on one hand, that time is slipping away, and on the other, that I'm still a little kid.

Location: I've lived in Philadelphia since September 2014. I mostly love it here. I recently applied for a Fulbright, so 2016 may bring me to Europe. I expect to find out in the next few months.

Research: I study how humans relate to information. I started my PhD program in Fall 2014. I'll be finished with coursework in March 2016. The next step will be presenting a review of the research in my area of interest. After that, I will propose and then conduct my main dissertation study. I plan to graduate in mid-2018.

Running: I'm running my third 100 Mile in Zion National Park in April 2016. I'm also orchestrating a 50-mile fun run in Philadelphia in March, and I have a little coaching practice for aspiring ultrarunners.

Fiction: In mid-2014 I finished my sixth novel, The Eternal Parade, but so far haven't found an agent to help me pitch it to publishers. I will probably self-publish it sometime in 2016. I am currently working on a new novel under the working title The Observer.

Guitar: I've monkeyed around on the guitar since about eighth grade, but I didn't practice with gusto until I started my PhD program. (Correlation?) I've been doing video lessons on Jamorama, but may invest in in-person lessons in 2016.

Languages: I'm currently studying Japanese writing. Japanese has three different systems that work in concert; the most complex uses characters from Chinese, which is what takes the most time to learn. I've been studying this on Wanikani for about two years. In 2016 I will be spending time learning Basque and Welsh as well, with a focus on everyday conversation.

Life: Since I moved to Philadelphia for my PhD, I've been mostly neglecting my social life. Working on this is one of my focuses for 2016.


Dumpster Diving, an epistolary, academic short story


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