Tim Gorichanaz

I Wonder.

Hi there. My name's Tim. I'm intensely curious, in both senses of the word: I have a lot of questions, and they say I'm a little on the weird side. In my various pursuits, I aim to inspire myself and others to appreciate the wonder of the world.

I'm working on my PhD, and one day I will be a Slow Professor. I also write novels and run ultramarathons. Sometimes I write novels about or while running, and sometimes I do research while and about running. Sometimes I do other things, like paint and travel, though lately I've been learning classical guitar more than anything.

Check out some of my most recent activities below. If you'd like to get in touch, don't hesitate to do so. You should also join my fiction fan club if you want to receive periodic updates about my non-academic writing.


I'm 27 years old. But that number isn't very useful. In some ways I've always felt like a little old man, and in some ways I still feel like I'm eight-and-three-quarters.

I recently read the book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, by Sebastian Junger, and I recommend it. On the surface it focuses on the veteran experience, but more deeply the book examines what it means to be alive today. The book plumbs the origin of many of modern society's ills and presents a way forward.

Location: I've lived in Philadelphia since September 2014. I like it here. It's very walkable, there's some green space, and there's a supportive running scene. But I'm not, constitutionally, a city person.

Research: I study how people build understanding through working with information. I started my PhD program in Fall 2014, and I'm currently working on my dissertation proposal. I am going to look at how artists build understanding through the process of creating a self-portrait. I plan to graduate in summer 2018.

Running: Just as I was fostering a love for running 100-mile races, I got injured in late 2016. I've been working on healing and am hopeful I'll be able to participate in Vermont 100 this July.

Fiction: My fiction has been on and off as I've been tying up my dissertation proposal, but I have started work on a new novel about modern ghosts. In terms of finished work, I recently had my short story "Luisa" published by Literally Stories. My 2015 novel, The Eternal Parade is now available on Amazon.

Guitar: I've monkeyed around on the guitar since about eighth grade, but I didn't practice with gusto until I started my PhD program. (Correlation?) I recently discovered a love for classical guitar, and now I'm working through the online lessons on Classical Guitar Corner.


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