Recommended Books

When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.

—Erasmus of Rotterdam

I read dozens of books each year. Which few books stick out most in my memory?

Here are some of my top recommendations, particularly for college students and other young people.

Now, I take it for granted that you should read the classics, such as those on Columbia's Core Curriculum reading list, so here I'll share newer books that are worth your time.

Recommended Books

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My Favorite Writers and Biggest Influences

  • Christopher Alexander, theorist of good design
  • Mary Oliver, poet and observer of nature
  • Martin Shaw, storyteller and mythic communicator
  • Alain de Botton, observer of human life and love
  • Haruki Murakami, writer of the melancholic, meditative and weird
  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb, thinker of risk, probability and tradeoffs
  • Luciano Floridi, philosopher of information