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Motivating question from Floridi: What is our human project for the digital age? (p. 2)

Dissertation and Related Publications

I defended my dissertation, Understanding Self-Documentation, in May 2018. This study set the groundwork for research into the phenomenon of self-documentation. For this initial foray, I examined the artistic genre of the self-portrait from conceptual and empirical angles: mainly, how self-portraits are documents, and how artists create self-portraits. The study was centered on the literatures of document theory, human information behavior and philosophy of information. A number of publications have come out of this project, including direct publications, extensions and spinoffs.


  • Literature review and conceptual argument about art and documents: Gorichanaz, T. (2017). Understanding art-making as documentation. Art Documentation, 36 (2), 191–203.

  • Literature review and conceptual argument about understanding: Gorichanaz, T. (2017). Applied epistemology and understanding in information studies. Information Research, 22(4), paper 776.

  • Manuscript under review: What is a self-portrait?

  • Manuscript under review: A first-person theory of documentation

  • Manuscript under review: Understanding and information in the work of visual artists - A preliminary version of this paper is: Gorichanaz, T. Art and everyday information behavior: Sources of understanding. To be presented at ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, and published in Proceedings of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 55(1).


  • Gorichanaz, T. Perspective in information behaviour research. To be presented at Information Seeking in Context, Cracow, Poland, and published in Information Research. [PDF]

  • Manuscript under review: Conceptualizing self-documentation


  • Gorichanaz, T. (In press, 2019). Artful information: Lessons for librarians from visual artists. In V. Gubnitskaia and C. Smallwood (Eds.), Creativity for success and personal growth for librarians. Jefferson, NC: McFarland. [PDF]

  • Manuscript under review: Gorichanaz, T. Toward artful online profiles.

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